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The information below is necessary to provide the most accurate auto insurance quote. Please complete as much of the following as possible. Due to the complexity of rating in the industry at this time, we encourage you to call to discuss coverage details and options directly.  E.J. McGrath Insurance has been providing common sense, economical solutions for auto insurance on Cape Cod for many years. We provide many Cape Cod motorists with quality affordable auto insurance that meets their needs. If you would like a quote, please fill out the form below. We will be in touch to discuss our policy details.

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    If any operators are in school there may be discounts available for being a "good student" or a "student away from home".

    List operators who are receiving a B or higher grade point average, who are in the upper 20% of the class or who are attending school away from home.
    Are you a member of AAA?
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    Do you have a homeowners policy or tenant homeowners policy?
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    Do you currently have an existing Automobile Insurance policy?
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    Has there been a lapse in coverage with your current Automobile Policy?
    Current Limits of liability affect the rate, what are your current coverage limits?
    What is your current liability limit for Part 5 Optional Bodily Injury to Others”?
    Do you carry collision or comprehensive insurance?
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    Each carrier is currently offering enhancement coverage packages: some are automatically included in your policy others may need to be purchased.

    Are you interested in purchasing the additional coverage enhancement packages if they are not included already in the policy? (the cost is usually approximately $20-$30 a year).

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