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Living on the Cape is wonderful and we’re here to help provide advice on protection for your home and property. E.J. McGrath Insurance is truly your neighborhood insurance agency. We just need some basic information to get started. The information below is necessary to provide the most accurate Home and Property Insurance quote. Please complete as much of the following as possible. Due to the complexity of rating in the industry at this time we encourage you to call to discuss insurance coverage and options directly.

Several options are available to protect your home and property. We will tailor a policy to meet your unique coverage needs and financial requirements.

    Fill out this Home and Property Insurance Quote Request Form
    *Insured’s Name:
    Contact Phone:

    Mailing Address:
    Property Usage
    Property Location:
    What/Who is on the deed? (ie: the owner’s name, a trust, LLC, co owned?)
    Who resides at the premises?
    Is this a single family home?
    Is this a primary residence?
    If so, do the owner’s go away for several weeks during the year?
    Is the home rented at any time?
    And if so, for how many weeks?
    Is this a secondary residence?
    If so, how often is the home occupied by the owner and what is the rental time if any?
    Are there any tenants or boarders?
    Property Insurance
    Is the home currently insured and coming up for renewal, a new purchase or has coverage lapsed?
    If currently insured, what carrier are you with at this time?
    If coverage has lapsed, how long has the property been uninsured?
    Property Construction
    Is the home frame construction or masonry?
    Is this home rented year round or more than 12 weeks a year?
    Are there security systems in the home?
    What devices are in place for when the home is not occupied (ie: care takers, family who check on the property, monitoring company, central fire/burglary/temperature system in place?)
    If this is a secondary home, which insurance company insures your primary residence?
    Which insurance company writes your automobile insurance?
    Are any owner’s over the age of 50 and work less than 20 hrs a week?
    Some companies may require a credit check, if that is acceptable with you, please provide your date of birth

    Date of Birth:
    Property Details
    Is the home on the market?
    Is the home furnished and occupied?
    Is the home currently under construction or renovation?
    What year was the home built?
    If you have circuit breakers are they "Stab Lok" breakers?
    Is there a woodstove?
    Have there been any updates to:
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    What type of heating is in the home?
    | | |
    If oil tank, where is the tank located? (outside? in the basement? underground?)
    Is there a pool or trampoline?
    If there is a pool is it fenced in, or is there a diving board or slide?
    Is there a basement?
    If so is it:
    | | |

    Have you had any claims on any homeowner’s policy is the last 6 years?
    Do you have a detached structure such as a detached guesthouse, cottage, garage or other structure on the premises?
    If so, is the detached structure rented at all or used for any business?
    Is there any business conducted on your premises?
    Do you have an in home business or office?
    If yes please describe:
    Do you have any animals?
    If yes, what kind?
    If you own a dog, what is the breed?
    Additional General Information
    Are all household members nonsmokers?
    Do you own any recreational vehicles? (ie: ATV, jet ski, snowmobile?)
    Do you have a watercraft you would like to obtain coverage for?
    Do you have any domestic employees working for you?
    Would you like us to quote earthquake coverage?
    Would you like us to quote increased limits for Ordinance or Law coverage (additional expenses for uncovered building upgrades) or increased limits of Mold and Bacteria coverage?
    Flood Insurance and Scheduled Items
    There is no coverage for flood on the homeowner’s policy so if you would like us to provide a flood quote on a separate federal policy please let us know.

    Please know that the homeowner’s policy has certain limitations for theft of particular items such as jewelry, silver, furs, watches, firearms, etc. If you have any of these items or any other specialty items like these such as fine arts, musical instruments or collectibles, you can obtain additional or more extensive coverage for them. We can gladly quote the items as "scheduled" which will provide more coverage. Please list the values and items in particular and we can provide you with the additional premium to insure them.

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