Homeowners Insurance

A home is likely to be the largest financial investment a person will make in their life. With such a significant investment, it is imperative to have a policy custom fit for your needs. In determining the protection required for your home, we take the time to review in great detail the coverage and endorsements available along with limitations and potential hazards a homeowner is vulnerable to. In spite of the tumultuous changes in our industry over the past few years, we have been able to provide competitive options for our customers with stable “A” rated carriers. E.J. McGrath also offers policies for renters, secondary homes occupied or rented to others, condominium policies and new home construction.

Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance is a federal policy that provides coverage for specific damage that is caused by general flooding from ground water. Where a “flood” is not a covered loss on homeowner’s policies, you may want to consider purchasing a flood insurance policy. Most Mortgage companies will require you to carry this insurance if you are in a high risk zone. The zone is determined by your Mortgagee. We would be happy to advise you of what flood plain your home or business is located in and offer a quote for this coverage.

Personal Umbrella Liability policy

A personal liability policy is becoming more and more essential in today’s times. An umbrella acts as an additional level of protection that responds over and above your primary policies for automobile, homeowners, watercraft, rental properties or recreational vehicles. Umbrella limits range from 1 million to 5 million, are based on your underlying exposures and is an inexpensive way to protect your assets.