Effective April 1, 2008, auto providers were given authority to set their own rates in the state of Massachusetts. What has become known as “Managed Competition” involves a reform that is expected to encourage auto insurance companies to offer a competitive product, extend the benefit of lower rates to good drivers, and a required sharing in the underwriting of high risk drivers.

Although many policyholders will see reduced rates under this new system, the premium is still largely conditional on your driving record, the territory in which you live and the type of vehicle to be insured.

The past few years have given way to an inundation of advertisements from agencies and companies promising lower rates or guaranteeing a certain percentage in savings. In testing the market, we feel the difference in savings from one company to the next is actually minimal at this time. We are fortunate to represent two of the largest auto carriers in the state of Massachusetts. These companies are able to offer a competitive price with newly added discounts and enhancements that will benefit many of their policyholders. The optimal time to review your policy is about six weeks before renewal, as current state rules do not permit you to cancel your policy mid-term without a penalty. We want to assure you that each policy will be reviewed to take advantage of all eligible credits.

Yes, there have been many changes in Auto insurance.  What hasn’t changed is our commitment to our clients, and the personal service we offer. Thank you for your continued trust in our agency.

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